Swords Dentist practices high quality, state of the art dentistry for all patients. We provide root canal treatment, crowns, veneers, bridges, fillings, implants, denture, childrens dentistry, sports dentistry, restorative treatments, teeth whitening and dental emergency treatment.

Price guide

Below is a guideline to our fees. A full and comprehensive treatment plan with several options will be compiled for you and discussed with you after your initial consultation.


General Dental Treatments
Examination, Diagnosis & Treatment Plan €50
Full Mouth Radiograph (OPG) €70
Additional Smaller Radiographs €20 each
Prescription €50
  Dental Hygiene Treatment
Scale & Polish Dentist €80
Scale & Polish Hygienist €90
Advanced Gum Treatment €100-€150 per visit
  Teeth Whitening €300-€350
Bespoke Sports Guard €70-€100
Night Guard Price on Consultation
Anti Snore Guard Price on Consultation
  Restorations (Fillings)
Silver (Amalgam) Restorations €100-€160
White Composite Restorations €120-€180
Crown & Bridge
Post/Core Preparation €150-€260
Crown €550-€1200
Bridge Price on Consultation
Dental Implants
Implant Surgery Price on Consultation
Implant Retained Crown Price on Consultation
Root Canal Treatment
Dependant on number of canals €380-€550
Routine Extraction €120-€140
Surgical Extraction €140-€180
Acrylic Based Dentures €400-€1900
Metal Based Dentures                                                                   €1200-€1600