Cosmetic Dental Treatments

shutterstock_51481933White Fillings

As demand for ‘silver’ or amalgam fillings decreases and white fillings become more desirable, the techniques and materials used have been improving.

They are however more time consuming and difficult to place and therefore are a little more expensive.
We in Swords Dentist spend lots of time and use the best materials on the market to provide you with the best quality white fillings.

These are available for both front and back teeth and there are many colours available, allowing the filling to disguised as it is difficult to distinguish it from you natural tooth colour.


Crowns are used in circumstances where the tooth has been so badly broken down that it requires extra support. They can also be indicated where there is a need for cosmetic improvement where other techniques such as whitening or veneers are not appropriate.

The materials used to make crowns vary and with this comes a large variation in the cost of a crown. The best crowns use high quality porcelains which are layered on top of a metal substructure. The metals used should be  high quality metals including gold, platinum and palladium. These crowns, we have shown give many years of service and comfort, often lasting 15-25 years and significantly outlast cheaper crowns which often use cheaper metals and porcelains.


Veneers are merely a very thin layer of porcelain or plastic which is bonded to the surface of the tooth, much like a ‘false nail’.

Because they are so thin, they are prone to fracture and staining if not properly delivered or mainained. Heavy tooth grinding can be very destructive to the veneers.

While successful in a few cases, they are not suitable for everyone and we in Swords Dentist would be happy to guide and advise you as to whether you are a suitable candidate. Tooth whitening and cleaning may be exactly what you need.