Dental implants

A Dental Implant is an artificial root that works like a natural one.

When a tooth and its root are missing, the long-term solution for a natural function is a Dental Implant and made-to-match crown.

dental-implantA Dental Implant is a small but strong post made from biocompatible metals or ceramics. This means it is non-toxic and well-tolerated by the body. Implants made from titanium bond very well to living bone and have been used for decades in the medical device industry. To this day, there has been no documented case of any allergic reaction to titanium, because of these attributes, titanium Dental Implantscan last for decades.

Under local anaesthetic, it is inserted into the jaw bone in place of the missing tooth root and acts as a support for the tooth.


How long is the healing process?

The healing phase is between 6 and 12 weeks depending on the individual medical situation. During this period the Implant becomes securely attached to the jaw bone – a process called osseointegration. Once healed, this artificial root acts as a base for fixing individual Crowns, multi-tooth Bridges, or an entire dental prosthesis.


Who is suitable for a Dental Implant?

It is possible to insert implants as soon as the jaw has stopped growing. Therefore, in young patients, Dental Implants can only be placed once their jaw bones are fully developed. At the other end of the spectrum, there is no age limit, given of course that the patient does not display any significant medical risk factors. This will be evaluated by the dentist.


What do I need to do if I am considering Dental Implants?

We would recommend that you make an appointment for a consultation. During your consultation you will be examined and assessed for suitability and an appropriate treatment plan will be advised. Treatments can vary from one patient to another depending on a number of factors all of which will be discussed at your consultation.