Headaches and facial pain

Headaches and facial pain are becoming increasingly common and very distressing for some people. In some cases the source of this pain can be from your jaw joints and the connected muscles. These joints are the Temperomandibular joints or ‘TMJ’. They are constantly working even while you are asleep, particularly if you grind your teeth at night.


How do I know if I grind my teeth at night?

Most often you will be told by someone who shares the room with you.

  • You may feel tension around the eyes, the side of the head and neck regions especially in the morning.
  • You may start to chip or fracture teeth.
  • You may begin to notice signs of increased wear on your teeth.
  • You may become aware of bite marks on your inside cheeks or side of the tongue.
  • You may begin to notice clicks or noise from your jaw joints.

Your dentist will be in a good position to confirm this for you.

If there is a history of trauma e.g. sports injury, car accident  or fall of a bicycle in younger years, this may lead to joint problems later in life.


What should I do if I experience headaches or facial pain?

You need to see a dentist to allow us to establish the cause of the pain and allow early intervention to prevent long term pain and restricted movement.

Anti-grinding Devices are a very useful in preventing the damage caused by heavy night-time teeth grinding. We in Swords Dentist can provide you with a bespoke device to help you.  We receive many reports from our patients who find they sleep much better and the headaches or facial/TMJ (joint) pain subsides.