Are you a nervous patient?

Are you very nervous about visiting the dentist?

Have you been suffering with pain for some time but are too frightened to make that phone call?

Have you had a bad experience with a previous dentist?

Are you worried about something in your mouth or on your neck/face but are too nervous to do anything about it?

Nervous PatientThese are all very common issues. You are not alone in your worries.

We take great pride in our reputation here in Swords Dentist in dealing with nervous patients. We and all our staff understand how you feel. We will help to make you feel at ease and will strive to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. We take as much time as you require  and allow you to have as many visits as you need to become more comfortable with the us, the surroundings and then the procedures. You are in control of when you decide to have dental treatments done. We also encourage the use of relaxation techniques such as breathing control and distraction therapies such as gentle music. We are confident that when you meet the dentist looking after you and our staff, you will feel very reassured.

On the very rare occasion that the patient feels they require relaxation medication, we can prescribe this for them. However, we request that on the first visit, no such medication should be taken prior to this particular visit.

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