Root canal treatment (Endodontics)

Root canal Treatment is indicated when the nerve of the tooth is dead, causing buildup of infection and often resulting in pain. When you choose not to extract this tooth, a root canal treatment is the alternative. The nerve tissue in a tooth is contained in narrow channels within the root of the tooth and are called the ‘root canals’. The treatment  involves removing the dead nerve and infection and then refilling the ‘root canals’ with a rubber based filling material.

How is root canal treatment done?


This is usually carried out under local anaesthetic and is painless.

The treatment time varies from one extended visit of approximately 2 hours to two shorter visits each lasting 1 hour.

After the root canal treatment has been completed, the tooth is initially restored with a filling and some weeks later, the tooth is restored to full function and strength with a crown.

Each individual tooth presents a different clinical scenario so you should discuss your individual root canal treatment with your dentist.