Special care dentistry

We at Swords Dentist are proud to be completely accessible to all our patients, including those with limited mobility and wheelchair users. We also welcome patients with an intellectual disability, and their families. We are proud to be an Autistic-friendly practice. We are committed to delivering services and support to our patients based on their individual needs.  At Swords Dentist we strive to make a dental visit a positive experience for all our patients.


A visit to the dentist is an important yearly activity for all our patients. However some patients with an intellectual disability find it difficult to visit a new place. We have put in place a number of measures to support our patients:

  • We will try to avoid any delay on the day
  • We obtain the Patient’s details and medical information before the visit to streamline the experience
  • We seek to find out what is important to the Patient, their likes / dislikes and plan an individual visit around this information.
  • If the Patient is very sensitive to crowded places or noise, we schedule the appointment for early morning or lunchtime.


The visit to the dentist is an excellent opportunity to meet the patient’s carer or parent and to discuss any concerns regarding mouth health and diet, and for us to answer any questions.

Please let us know before you attendif there is anything we can do to make our waiting area and surgery more comfortable and a positive experience for our patients.

We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.