Why should I wear a sports guard?

Sports guards are worn to protect the teeth, tongue, jaws and joints of the jaws during sports participation.


There are three main types of Sports Guard, all made from plastic.

  1. Stock:- preformed and ready to wear. They are bulky, not adjustable and of very limited use. They are not generally recommended.
  2. Boil and Bite:- Placed in hot water, put in the mouth and moulded by the tongue and cheeks. Better than Stock and useful in a mouth that is rapidly growing.
  3. Custom Fit:- An impression is taken and an individual custom made Sports Guard is constructed. More comfortable to wear, not as bulky, does not impair breathing and provides more protection than the other two but is more expensive. This is bespoke fit.

Sports Guards should be worn in all sports where the teeth and jaws are at risk to damage i.e. contact sports, gymnastics, mountain biking and some racket sports.

Sports Guards can help protect tooth fracture, tooth loss, jaw fracture and damage to the jaw joints. They will also help to protect the tongue and soft tissues of the mouth and can reduce the severity of cases of concussion.

Mouth Guards should be kept clean, washed in COLD water after use and stored safely.

The sportsguard you have made here in Swords Dentist is custom fit, made with your choice of colour (there are 46 colours to choose from!!) and will have your name and phone number incorporated into it should it get mislaid.