Teeth whitening

We all notice a beautiful smile. When teeth have naturally darkened over a period of time, it is possible to enhance the tooth colour using teeth whitening techniques.

There is a huge amount of information available and it can often cause confusion.

Recent EU legislation (see this article from IDA journal, Vol 58.4) restricts the concentrations of whitening agents which can be used but also importantly it restricts the persons who can legally apply the more effective products.


How does it work?


The most appropriate option available which we consider to be safe and effective, provided it is correctly and carefully supervised by your dentist is the Home Bleaching Kit using a bespoke (fitted) mouthtray.

This system carries with it a number of adantages including better prevention of bleaching related sensitivity, inexpensive ‘top-up’whitening after a 2-3 years and better control of the end colour.

Each persons’ response to the treatment is very variable with varying outcomes also. That is why we in Swords Dentist feel that a very significant part of the whitening treatment is the supervision of the process by a qualified dentist. A full dental examination is essential prior to commencement of ANY whitening treatment.

What is treatment like?

A teeth whitening course involves multiple dental appointments with one of our dentists and at-home whitening system. Your preliminary appointment will consist of taking impressions for a custom tray and recording of the current shade of your teeth for reference. Once your tray has been created, you will be supplied with the whitening agent, detailed instructions for use and a follow-up appointment will be made. In the follow-up appointment you and your dentist will review your progress and record the new shade of your teeth.